Automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine for small round tube

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Customer Requests

  • 1) Can work for samll tube, dia is 15mm-25mm,the height is 150mm,label size is 120mm   2) Can work for whole wrap label

  • Large-scale production lacks fast labeling and high-efficiency equipment.


The customer purchased a desktop round bottle from us at the beginning. After receiving our first set machine, he immediately purchased this machine with us since our good quality and after-sale service. And for this machine,customer want to paste the tube diameter between 15-25mm, labeling before filling, the height of the tube is required to be 150mm, and the label height is 120mm, so it is recommended to make a customized machine for customers, and the conveyor belt and labeling head are widened to 150mm to reach the customer needs. At the same time, asked our customer to send his samples to test the machine after we finished to be guarantee. After the machine was completed, we also received the customer’s samples, used the customer’s samples to test the machine, and then sent the acceptance video to the customer. Our customer is very satisfied for our machine Winskys always find best way to resolve customer’s labeling problem, and happy to be customer best friend in China.

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Automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine for small round tube

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