WINSKYS labeling head

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Customer Requests

  • 1) Machine can use for 1000mm-1200mm ( height )prodution line

  • Large-scale production lacks fast labeling and high-efficiency equipment.


the customer first ask round bottle labeling machine, he is in need of flat bag labeling urgently, want send automatic labeling machine by express, as the full automatic machine package size is big, about 320kgs, shipping cost is very high. And customer told their have production line conveyor already, so we propose top side labeling head which can be connected to their production line. It will save much cost, labeling head is cheaper than full automatic flat machine and package weight is 180kgs, reduce express shipping cost. As customer existing production line height is 1000mm height, our standard is 750~850mm, so we custom made labeling head 1000~1200mm to fit customer demand.Customer happy with our service and quickly respond.Winskys supply the most suitable and economical machines to customers, and product machine fast to save time.

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WINSKYS labeling head

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