This article is mainly for customers who have not used the labeling machine.

Help them improve efficiency in the procurement process.Avoid unnecessary economic losses.

丨1. Understand The Characteristics Of The Industry 

Different industries have different requirements for labeling machines. 

Winskys has developed different types of labeling machines according to the characteristics of different industries, such as:

(1) Food industry: strict hygiene requirements, we will use 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy for labeling machine, corrosion resistance, in line with GMP production needs.

(2) Petrochemical industry: strict production safety, we will take anti-static, explosion-proof and other safety measures

automatic wine bottle labeling machine

Automatic wine bottle labeling machine

Feature:With positioning function, you can attach two labels at the same time

丨2. Understand The Needs Of Your Own Production 

Some customers may have the wrong idea that the more functions the labeling machine has, the better. 

Blind selection of functional configurations that can not be used in production results in unnecessary waste.


丨3. Send Samples To The Factory 

For customers who use the labeling machine for the first time, because the performance and application of the labeling machine are unfamiliar.

The samples and labels that need to be labeled should be sent to the labeling machine manufacturer for evaluation and testing as much as possible to reduce the risk of purchase feasibility.

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The above content is only some important points. More detailed and professional content about purchasing labeling machine can contact us, we have a professional team to answer your questions.

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