"How to maintain the labeling machine"

This is a question that many customers care about.

Because the machine will fail, the customer's product and quality will be affected.

Winskys not only pays attention to the quality of labeling machines, but also pays attention to customer's after-sales service.

This article helps our customers improve machine life and avoid unnecessary economic losses.

丨1.Use Environment

The requirement is room temperature. Avoid use in high temperature, humidity, acid and alkaline environments.

Guarantee equipment life, efficiency and accuracy.

Keep room temperature at around 25 degrees

丨2.Cleaning Precautions

(1) Don't use cleaning tools that damage the mechanical surface.

(2) Don't use corrosive plastic appliances.

(3) Don't use acidic solutions.

General machine material used 201 stainless steel
Please use professional detergent for cleaning

Before Use:

(1) Check the screws regularly and tighten them if they are loose.

(2) Check the running parts such as chain, if it is faulty, it should be eliminated in time.

(3) Regularly replenish the lubricating oil, and add lubrication to each gear.

(4) Check the operation of each positioning and detecting device. If there is any misplacement, it needs to be re-adjusted.

(5) The equipment needs to ensure that the matching power supply voltage is used before it can be put into production normally.

After Use:

(1) After 10 hours of continuous operation, it is necessary to stop for half an hour, and carry out daily maintenance according to the above, especially non-standard equipment. In order to reduce equipment loss and extend equipment life.

(2) After the daily machine work, first disconnect the power supply, wipe the surface of the machine, the workbench and other parts.

The average life of the labeling machine is 10 years.
At least one maintenance per month can effectively increase the life of the labeling machine

Winskys according to different labeling machine models,have a complete set of maintenance plans.Guarantee that every customer of winskys can buy it with confidence and use it with confidence.

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