Nowadays, the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more fierce, and the homogenization of products is becoming more and more serious.

Personalized labels are good for consumers' desire to buy.

The automatic labeling machine effectively guarantees the labeling effect.

It is an effective means for enterprises to improve their competitiveness.

Of course, companies can get more benefits from labeling machines.

Labeling machine makes the appearance of the product more beautiful and neat

丨Advantage 1: Small Size
The automatic labeling machine has a small size and floor space, which can save workshop infrastructure costs for pharmaceutical, food and other enterprises.
It can also be combined with a filling machine to form a complete production line.

丨Advantage 2: High Production Efficiency
Compared with manual labeling, the automatic labeling machine can carry out uninterrupted work with less human resources, and has higher production efficiency and return efficiency, saving material costs.

The speed of a labeling machine is at least equal to the speed of 10 workers

丨Advantage 3:Long Service Life
The automatic labeling machine is generally made of 304 stainless steel and is controlled by plc. It is easy to operate, convenient and easy to clean.
The automatic labeling machine is corrosion-resistant, rust-free, has a long service life, and the components and structures are strong and will not fall for a long time.

丨Advantage 4: A Wide Range Of Applications
Automatic labeling machine is widely used in medicine, food, beverage, daily use, chemical and other industries.
The emergence of automatic labeling machine simplifies previous production processes.

No matter which industry you are in, as long as your product needs adhesive labels, you can use our labeling machine.

丨Advantage 5: High Cost Performance
Winskys automatic labeling machine can be used for about 10 years.
Only minimal maintenance costs are required each year
A worker needs to pay in addition to wages,also need to consider his meals, accommodation, training, holidays and training, etc.
Managing a machine is much simpler than managing a person
As a result, the emergence of automatic labeling machines has brought great benefits to the production packaging line.


The picky of consumers makes the commodity market more and more demanding for packaging machinery, and the production of more powerful and simpler labeling machine is the future development direction of Winksys.
Winskys labeling machine not only needs to meet the basic needs of customer labeling, but also helps customers to create more profits

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