The labeling machine is used in the production line. This type of labeling machine has a general name in the industry: automatic line labeling head, the equipment model in WINSKYS is: ST51100

automatic line labeling head

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It is mainly an automatic labeling machine placed on the side of the line. It can directly support the production line plane, uneven product surface or side labeling.

Automatic labeling head needs to match the labeling production of the production line. In addition to some basic parameters of production line, the following factors should be noted:

(1) conveying surface height

(2) label winding direction

(3) Product operation and labeling direction

(4) Production line output and line speed

(5) conveying direction and operating orientation

(6) Whether there are special requirements for the connection method and interface of the labeling head and other machines in the production line

(7) The production line has enough space reserved for the labeling machine

(8) Whether the objects placed on the production line and on the labeling machine (standing or lying) are consistent

(9) Other special factors

① automatic labeling machine head  ② product conveyor

In addition, for the production lines of some special workshops and workshops, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the labeling machine needs to have problems such as dustproof, explosion-proof and static reduction.

More questions about using the labeling machine on the production line

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