In the use of the automatic round bottle labeling machine, how to deal with the situation of labeling bubbles and unevenness.

The following is an example of Winskys automatic round bottle labeling machine.

round bottle labeling machine

丨1.Transparent Label

(1)Due to the nature of the label, the use of a transparent label is to ensure that the surface of the bottle is clean, as some small particles can cause some large bubbles to appear.

(2)For small bottles, make sure that the label and the bottle type match. When the bottle is out of the bottle blowing machine, it may cause unevenness on the labeling surface and cause large bubbles.

transparent label

丨2.Conventional Bottle Type

The conventional bottle type here refers to a bottle type without a taper.

For the conventional bottle type, if the label appears bubbles and unevenness, it is generally due to the marking speed and the coating speed. 

It is necessary to match the traction automatic frequency and the overlay automatic frequency parameter in the parameter interface of the touch screen to solve the above problem.

round bottles

丨3.Tapered Bottle Type

(1)First determine whether the arc of the label and the sample is matched. 

You can simulate the labeling by hand first. If it is a mismatched label, the label will be tilted, or the label will be wrinkled in the middle. 

The above situation requires the customer to modify the label.
(2)Debug the labeling mechanism to adapt it to the bottle type. 

If the taper is too large, it is necessary to increase the pressing mechanism to prevent the labeling mechanism from exerting an upward force on the bottle in the case of

taper, so that the sample leaves the conveying mechanism. 

This causes the labeling error to increase.

(3)In the case that there is no problem in determining the label, the adjustment mechanism needs to be debugged to match the direction in which the label is marked and the taper of the sample.

Tapered bottle

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