Custom service

  • Understand the customer's product (what industry), label (whether it is a self-adhesive label), product size, label size, shape, picture, labeling position and other basic information.

  • Relatively speaking, labeling is not fully automatic and flat, beautiful, large-sized labels are prone to wrinkling and small bubbles, and need to be smoothed manually.

  • Speed comparison--determine customer monthly usage

  • How to use--Confirm manual problems

  • Volume-factory location

  • Price-purchasing power and actual demand

  • Aesthetics of labeling

Technical Support

I can offer 3 types of services to my clients now

After eight years of development, My labeling machine, especially the automatic round bottle labeling machine has been approved by the label customers.At the same time, it has reached cooperation with many powerful labeling machine factories.1.Label consulting service2.production line consulting service3."Customer-centric" pre-sales to after-sales serviceIn the future, I will still not satisfy these services. Without you---my dear customers, there will be not my growth. If you haven’t joined my family,I sincerely extend a hand of friendship to you,let us grow together and achieve each other!

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